Lincoln Town Car Transmission


We own a 2004 Lincoln Town Car with 71,000 miles. On a recent trip from Dallas, TX to Florida, we had a problem with the vehicle not moving in reverse. We were told that it was a transmission problem, but was ubusual, because the car had no trouble going forward. When the gear shift was placed in reverse(you could feel the transmission engage), the car rear wheels locked up. We were instructed ny Ford Service (Michigan) to bring to the local Ford dealer. The ord HQ Service person, said that they never heard of this problem. The Ford dealer that we brought it to, also said that this was unusual???$2,700 later with a rebuilt transmission we continued on our vacatio. The Ford dealer’s service person, said with a deep chuckle that the new warranty on the rebuilt transmission was 75,000, better than the warranty on the transmission that came with the car, which we purchased new. Have you ever heard of this? Ford Motor HQ Service , is reluctant to talk to us, dismissing this as an out of warranty issue. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Prior to April 1 '08 the warranty on Ford FQR engines and transmissions was 3 years or 75,000 miles. A great warranty honored accross the nation at all ford dealers. Purchases made after April 1 '08 have a warranty of 3 years 100,000k, an even better warranty. Per your trans malfunction, it has one-way clutches inside and could lose reverse only, although rare. Buying a reman trans is a better deal than attempting to repair for a couple of reasons, a great warranty being one of them. Repairs are rarely warrantied any more than a year 12,000 if even that. Many times an attempt at repair doesn’t quite fix every thing and they need to go back in again, A pain in the behind plus more money. A reman has been through a factory with all the right specs, machines and knowledge to build them exactly. Here at my Ford dealer ( I’m a 29 year parts man ) we usually advise customers towards the reman assemblies for these reasons. I believe that you are better off with the rebuilt in the long run. kg