New 2003 Lincoln town car transmission

I bought a new Lincoln town car in 2003.

At 23,000 miles started rough shifting.

Took to dealer, who said fluid needed to be canged ever 20,000 miles.Charged $180.00 to change fluid and shifted ok for about 3 weeks.

I now have 43,000 miles and it is doing the same thing again. It does it when just coasting and when on slight pull.

We paid $1500.00 for extended warranty.Dealer said warranty runes out next year Oct, 2009, mileage runs out at 45,000 miles.

I never heard of changing transmission fluid that often and think I got ripped off.

What do you think it might be?



Have you checked the owner’s manual to see what FoMoCo reccomends? It doesn’t matter what the sheet says at the dealer service department, read your manual. If it says to change every 20,000 miles - that’s your answer.

As to your problem - if you have an extended warranty, make sure they document on your repair order that you are noticing shifting problems - make sure it explicitly states the issue you’re having. Otherwise, when your transmission falls apart at 45,002 miles and FoMoCo denies the warranty claim, you can prove that this problem started while the warranty was in effect!

I am confused. It looks like you put 23,000 miles in three weeks. Please explain.

In addition, please elaborate, “rough shifting”.

Good advice from alex. Last I knew the service interval for 4R70W and 4R75W trans were 30K normal and 15K severe service. You should check your Maintenance guide. If you lost yours, check here:

The Factory maintenance schedule calls the fluid changes every 30,000 miles for the transmission in the Town car.