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Explorer Transmission

I have a 97 Ford Explorer with 142,000 mi. It just went crap on me. Its still driving but not for long I’m sure. It wont shift out of first even though is seems like its trying to when accelerating. When I hit the OD button, it loses all gears and just revs. Is my only option a new (used or rebuilt) tranny? What should it cost and what kind of warranty should I get with it?

I’d start by getting it towed to a reputable independent transmission shop. It could be the linkage or some other sort of repairable issue. It could be that your transmission is toast, but it is definitely worth the money to get it properly diagnosed on the off chance that it is fixable.

still another post without enough basic info…engine size?? 4x4 ??? AWD ??? 4x2 ??? In that year I see 5 different part numbers in Ford FQR remans. either $1706.60 or $2226.60 list. all Ford FQR transmissions and engines , since april 1 '08, have a 3 year 100,000 mile nationwide warranty. However, a shifting issue could be simpler, as stated in the previous answer. Could be a shift solenoid or the wire harness inside the case. Spend a liitle for diag before spending alot on replacement.

Remanufactured transmissions from Ford are an excellent value if it turns out that you need one.

One thing you should do is keep in mind there are rebuilds and there are rebuilds. Sometimes one sees cut rate prices on “rebuilt transmissions” and these may be units that have gone through what is called a “soft rebuild”. This means seals, O-rings, clutches, etc. and could be a little dubious. Sometimes they last for a long time and sometimes just long enough to get out of the warranty period.
A “hard rebuild” generally means all of the above plus bushings, bearings, updates, etc.

A lot of premature rebuilt transmission failures are caused by those soft rebuilds so in my opinion spend extra if necessary and make sure you’re getting a properly rebuilt or remanufactured transmission.
Either price it through a reputable local transmission shop or go with the Ford reman transmission as suggested by Beadsandbeads.

Make sure the torque converter is also replaced and if really want longevity out an automatic transmission, change the fluid every 30k miles or so and if the truck is not equipped with an external transmission fluid cooler then installing one is very beneficial. They’re worth their weight in gold and they’re also comparatively cheap.