Lincoln t.c. "passes out"

Why does '96 Lincoln Town Car “faint” at stop light after a mile or so of driving? It just dies. Has happened once a week for 3 weeks. Two garages can’t locate the problem. If I wait for 15-20 minutes it starts again and can run for a week. After 2 tows I’m afraid to drive it so the 2nd mechanic is still trying to pinpoint problem.

The Torque Converter Control which locks the automatic transmission lockup torque converter at 35 mph, and above, may be NOT unlocking below 35 mph. A transmission shop understands these things. In the fuse and relay(?) box, there may be a fuse labeled TCC. Pull this fuse and see if the stalling stops.

A torque converter that stays locked might stall it, but it should restart. My guess would be your ignition module is bad. Fords are notorious for this.

Problem seems to have been fixed. Mechanis replaced the fuel pump relay and the eec relay. each $12.82 and labor $95.00. The Ford garage charged over $700.00 and didn’t find the problem. Thanks for responding.