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Chrysler Town & Country Stalling Problem

My 1991 Town & Country will sporadically fail to start. e.g. I start and drive the vehicle,( this may be a short distance or a longer distance) I stop somewhere, I go to start the vehicle and nothing. No amount of tinkering will cause it to once again start. I wait for maybe 10 to 20 minutes and voila, it starts. (Sometimes this can actually take many hours.) Seems to be worse when the weather is very hot. (What I know: There is fuel at the fuel rail. I have used a gauge and the pressure is correct at the fuel rail. There is no power whatsoever at the coil packs yet the Automatic Shutdown Relay is working correctly.) I have replaced the PCM and still the same problem. One time I started the vehicle, drove 200 feet and it stalled out completely. That just happened the one time. Finally, It seems to have gotten more frequent in its stalling behavior.

It sounds like there is an electrical power problem somewhere between the battery and the ignition switch. You don’t give enough details on what gets power (like the dash) or what doesn’t to pin things down better. The trouble could be with the ignition switch or a fused circuit under the hood. A fusible link may be involved also. If you don’t have a manual covering the wiring I suggest you get one. It would be very helpful in finding the trouble and will pay for itself with this repair.

There is power to the dash and to lights. There is power to the Automatic Shutdown Relay and to the Fuel pump. There is power to the electric windows and door locks. This particular model has a computer on the firewall and the PCM on the drivers side fender under the hood. (I have a manual and full electrical diagrams) Spent hours trying to trace down the circuits to figure this one out.

A bad coil or a bad neutral safety switch could both do this.