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1997 Town Car Hard Starting Hot

I have a 1997 Lincoln Towncar that the dealer service manager said they can’t fix. Three times in a about a month it refused to start. Each time it had probably been driven 10 or more miles and then turned off for 10 or 15 minutes. When I attempted to start it - it fired normally and then died instantly.

Then each time I tried to start it - it would fire just enough to kick off the starter. The other 1992 TC did that once or twice and then in about half an hour it would start normally. That’s what this car does, too. That makes me realize the problem isn’t unique to the 1997 Towncar and I asked the dealer [service manager] to check what I call trouble letters. He said he did and couldn’t find any that

helped - that’s hard to believe.

Fuel pump, fuel pump relay and the circuit that controls them.

I agree. I had the same problem. If possible, stay away from dealers. Find a good mech, have him swap the relay with another like it (horn if I remember?)Or do it yourself. Also check fuel pressure. But probably fuel pump. Assuming fuel filter has been changed.