Lincoln MKT me grief!

My 2011 Lincoln MKT hesitates after a full stop…randomly. After I apply the gas she will hesitate, as if she can’t find the right gear, RPM’s go out of sight then there’s a sudden and hard jerk and away we go! The weather is not a factor…happens anytime anywhere. The cruise control will shut off randomly as well. At times the warning buzzer and light flash on the windscreen that we are about to crash…and there are no vehicles in the way.

It has been to the dealership 4 times in the past 3 months for this and they can’t find anything wrong…HELP!

( Ford does not have a bulletin on this problem either. We’ve had the car since Feb. 2011 - it has 20,000 miles on it now. Regular maintenance is done as scheduled.)

Interesting. If you’ve had it since Feb of '11, are you SURE it’s not a 2010? Because there is a bulletin for the 2010 car that fits your hesitation problem.

OOOof…sounds like an impending transmission problem to me…or perhaps the trans computer is having issues…

You might try to have someone run a diagnostic on the transmission…but if the dealer had it I would HOPE they hooked it to their factory scan tool computer…So maybe nix that

Since I have absolutely no experience with this vehicle nor the issue…the ONLY thing I can suggest is for you to pull your Pos or Neg Batt cable off the battery for…say…5 minutes and then re-connect…this will, at the very least, force a Hard reboot of the engine ECU as well as the tranny computer…and Force the computers to do a “re-learn” as you drive. Give it a shot, it wont hurt anything and may be just the ticket…see if it makes a difference after you do this and let us know.


Try a different dealer. Personal experience is there can be a great difference for warranty repairs.

thanks for the help!