2017 Lincoln MKC - Jerking

Makes a jerking feel when it shifts gear. Slow start then it will get away from you

Knowing the year and mileage might help some…

Check all you engine/transmission mounts, axles and suspension for anything broke or loose,

But sounds like a transmission issue, recommend a transmission shop… Independent or dealer…

May need to explain getting away from you a little better…

My version of getting away from you is when your car after stomping on the gas pedal gets sideways and gets out of control… Yours may be a little different… :wink:

The car is 2017 MKC. When taking off from light it is slow to shift then drops into gear and really moves off. 63.000 miles every time it shifts it counts into gear


DO you mean slow to shift as in delayed/higher MPH before shifting or do you mean like it is slipping letting the engine RPM’s jump up higher than normal before going into gear???

What moves off???
What do you mean by counts into gear???

Sorry not understanding your lingo/slang… Not sure if you are using a translator app that is converting the meanings wrong or not…

Sound like your transmission is slipping bad and you are given it more throttle then normal and when the next gear finally engages it accelerates much faster than expected sine you have given it more throttle then normal to begin with…

Possible just low on transmission fluid, but if you have been driving it like this you are about to be replacing the transmission… If I am understanding you correctly…

Afraid this computer does change words sometimes. When you take off from a light the car moves but slow then drops into gear with a drop sound then speeds up as if you are giving it more gas but you are not.


I agree with the comment above to get the transmission checked out at a good independent transmission shop or maybe the dealer.

Is the Check Engine light on?


No engine lite on. Car only has 63,000 and still under extended warranty I will take it to Lincoln dealer


That is the effect of the turbocharger building boost, you will feel more thrust from the engine. How long have you disliked this vehicle?

If you are new to driving this car, could be normal, just what it does. However if you purchased car new, driven it daily, and your know by personal experience it didn’t have this problem until recently, pretty good chance it has developed a sensor or actuator problem. Very possible it is something minor. Vehicle speed sensor, throttle position sensors are two to ask the shop check. Suggest to use a Ford dealership shop or at least a shop that has the equivalent of the Ford pro-level scan tool. They’ll need to check all of the car’s various electronic modules for both current and pending diagnostic codes.