2016 Lincoln MKS - Long term hesitation

My car has an intermittent hesitation problem which was first noticed shortly after I purchased the car new in 2016 and has persisted since that time even after two throttle body replacements were made and then the cannister purge valve and the stop lamp switch were replaced. Also, the computer software was updated several times. The mechanics have never been able to duplicate the problem while in their possession. No maintenance codes have been generated. Can you suggest any other things to try. I believe that it is very unsafe to be driving the car with this condition. My warranty will expire in December.

The car is still under warranty so it is Lincoln’s problem. Since you think it unsafe, and Lincoln has not been able to fix it, you may be able to get them to buy it back from you under your states lemon laws. Google that for your state. In any event, I suggest you plan to sell or trade the car.

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I agree with Mustangman. Once all avenues have been explored and a car still has issues, it’s time to move on.