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Lincoln LS Transmission

I have a 2000 lincoln ls and it randomly shifts hard from park into drive. It has been doing this for a few months and I am concerned that it is ruining my transmission. at times it jerks really hard, other times it shifts smooth. If i put it into neutral first then into drive it seems to help.

You did not state how many miles on the car or how often (if ever) the transmission has been serviced but the first steps should be inspecting for a broken transmission mount and scanning the car for any codes.

How about the engine idle? I’ve seen people shift from park to drive with the engine approaching 1500-2000 rpm. Talk about a jolt.

I always let it idle down before shifting. I have had the soloniod replaced when it did similar things, but that was about 4yrs ago. I was wondering if there might be another issue other than another bad solonoid. It cost me over 500 last time i replaced it.