Transmission shifts wrong,clunk!

2000 lincoln LS 98000 miles hesitates 3 sec. when shifting from R to Drive or Drive to R.

When was the last time the transmission fluid was serviced?


I don’t think it ever was changed ,I don,t Know how to check it!

My guess is that the check engine / service engine soon light is on with a P750 code. You can have it scanned for free at many auto supply stores. IIRC, that code is for a transmission pressure sensor. I’ve seen a couple of LSs with this same problem.

Also look in your ownwer’s manual to see how to check your transmission’s fluid. The book will show the dipstick’s location. It might just be low. Follow the specs etched on the dipstick as to which fluid you need to ad, probably Mercon V. It is important that you not mix Mercon III with the newer spec Mercon V.

Thier isin’t any warning lights on.I did find a resevior under the hood that smelled a lot like burned transmission fluid It wasn’t a brake canister. .Do you think a fluid change would be a good first step for this job? To avoid costly repair mistakes.