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Saturn 2000 LS2 transmission issues

I have a Saturn 2000 LS2 with about 159,000 miles on it that has developed some transmission issues, however only if I drive like an aggressive teenager. It’s at the end of it’s life anyway so I’m trying to think if I should pay to fix it or if I should just dump it. I don’t have a lot of money so I’m going for most economical solution. Especially when the car is cold, if I accelerate hard it shifts hard into the next gear between 1&2, 2&3 but not between 3&4 (it’s fine there). It feels like it doesn’t catch in time and it revs up the engine a little too much before engaging into the next gear. It does this only going up in gear not down. I talked to my mechanic about it and he said it had something to do with the pressure control solenoid (he used to work at saturn in the service shop also btw) but he said that he wouldn’t know for sure until he replaced it, which is apparently a lot in labor but cheap in parts. Any chance it could be the torque converter or other parts? Any suggestions? More information needed? Thanks for any help.

Looks Like There Are Several Saturn TSBs (GM Technical Service Bulletins) Pertaining To Transmissions.

One that caught my eye (2000-2001 L-Series Saturns) regarding harsh or erratic shifting pertains to pinched and possibly chafed wires in a harness boot located under the cowl air inlet grill, just ahead of the windshield, on the passenger’s side. Your’s has had time to chafe.

Authorized service technicians are advised to disconnect the negative battery cable and the PCM/TCM connector and repair any chafed wires inside the boot.

I’d have a look inside that boot. That should give you a cheapest-easiest place to start your investigation.

DTC codes are mentioned as a possility. Is your car storing any codes and is your Service Engine Soon light illuminated?


That’s interesting. Yes I do get service engine soon lights lit up but only if I accellerate really hard and it has a hard shift. From that point on the service engine soon light comes on and it shifts hard from that point on, until I turn the car off. When i turn the car off and let it sit for about 10min and turn it back on, it’s like it never happened. Doesn’t shift hard and no engine light. Any more advice?

That’s All For Now Until You Check Those Wires Out For Pinching/Chafing Damage.
It fits the description.

Maybe somebody else has some.


I am curious as to what happened with this car? I have a similar problem with a newer model.