2005 Lincoln LS - What problems do owners see?

Just looking to see what other problems people have with this car, mines a v8. I have a little oil leak, need to get new brakes and do maintenance on the park break. Heater doesn’t, there’s a hard shift between drive and reverse, but it’s nothing serious I think… All those problems where from the old owner, I just bought the car a month ago for 3k

Such a small pool of possible owners. Good luck! I loved that car.

They were even better as a T-Bird!

My daughter in law had a 2001 Lincoln LS and she (before she married my son) only had 2 problems. One was the plastic coolant overflow bottle which can crack and cause overheating. Another was a failed fuel pump but that was caused by lack of maintenance; e.g. not ever changing the fuel filter. I even warned her in advance the pump might fail because of this and sure enough it did a few months later out in western KS.

Yours is 15 years old so anything can happen. I would not casually dismiss that hard shift. The transmissions are touchy about lack of fluid changes.
The no heat situation could be a blend door problem and that’s a bit of a job. I assume this car has EATC temperature control. There’s a procedure for having unit run a self diagnosis but it is limited. Do a net search for how to run this test. It’s simple.

Blend door failures are common and can help be prevented (IF that is the problem) in the future by not setting the EATC at the lowest and highest of temp settings. This means instead of 60 F or 90 F set it to 62 or 88. That prevents stress on the plastic gears. Hope that helps.

I should have added is that both plastic coolant tank and fuel filter are INSIDE of the left front fender. Another Ford engineering coup…

OP , you can use the forum search feature to see what others have posted about that vehicle here. Link is upper right on this page. Type in “Lincoln LS”.

Fifteen years of use (or possible abuse) by–one or more owners who may have ignored vital maintenance–make this an unknown quantity.