Lights stay on Camry 93

93 Camry V6, when I turn my key off my headlights no longer turn themselves off.

I had this problem and it turned out to be a corroded dome light switch for the drivers door. I think I had to cut the wire to get it out of the car so I could properly clean and lubricate the contacts. Then I soldered the wire back together, and used heat shrink on the wire. Also, if you open the door before you turn off and remove the key, it doesn’t work. Like when you sit in the car and listen to the radio, and open the door as you shut off the key.

There is no dome light switch in the door jamb. The dome light switch is located in the door handle itself. What turns the headlights off after the ignition switch is turned off is what is called the courtesy module. Most likely the courtesy module is no longer working.