Headlights don't turn off?

Our new-to-us 2008 Toyota Sienna with 43,000 miles seems to have just one problem we didn’t discover before signing on the dotted line.

The headlights don’t automatically turn off after you turn off the car and lock the doors.

The owner’s manual says they are supposed to do this after 30 seconds. They are also supposed to turn off when you use the clicker to lock the car. Neither of those things happens.

Does this mean we have an electrical problem (please no)? Are we doing something wrong? Is there a switch somewhere that needs to be flipped?

Could there be something wrong with the engine switch in the steering column so the car doesn’t “see” that the switch is in the off/lock position?

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What does your Owner’s Manual have to say about the topic of “auto-off” headlights?
It is possible that there are different settings for the auto-off system, and if so, the manual will describe them.

I was pretty much quoting from the owner’s manual in my question. It just says they’re supposed to turn off because of this feature and that it can be adjusted by the dealer to take longer. But even after 5 minutes the lights won’t turn off and they don’t respond to the clicker so that’s why I think there’s a problem.

Thanks. Will do.

Other toyota and nissan cars I’ve seen have a setting on the headlight switch itself. There is an auto position and settings to have the lights on all the time. Not sure if the 2003 has the same switch, but if it isn’t on the auto setting, the lights won’t turn off.