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2001 Toyota Camry Solara light will not turn off

My head lights in my Solara turn on automatically when I start the car and off when I stop the car. But now when I turn off the car the lights stay on which kills my battery unless I disconect the battery. Which is making me fail the computer part of my emission test. What is keeping my head lights from turning off? Please help.

The headlight relay probably needs replacement. Here’s how to do it:

Is this the headlight or the DRL’s? Are the headlights set to AUTO? Is something blocking the light sensor on the dash board? Just for kicks try turning the switch from AUTO to OFF. If this works you could just turn the lights on/off the “old fashioned” way.

It’s probably a bad headlight relay as @jesmed1 suggests. I replaced one on my wife’s 03 Blazer after the lights ran her battery down. Now she’s picked up a bad habit though. She will wait until all lights are off before she walks away from the vehicle. Well…maybe it’s not so bad after all.

If the headlights are not on with the battery connected, but come on when you start the car and do not shut off, I don’t think your relay is bad. Also, most cars these days have a separate relay for each side. So both would have to be bad for both lights to stay on. I would suspect a problem with the Body Controller Module or possibly the switch.

Thanks for all the help, I’ll try them out