Dashboard lights stay on when key is out

My Toyota Camry 1999 dash board lights stay on when my key is out of the ignition. I have looked online and many people say it’s the ignition switch, but I’m wondering if it’s anything else it could be?

When you say, “dashboard lights”, do you mean the back-lighting?

Or the actual warning lights?


So the rest of your lights automatically shut off where you remove the key? Do the dashboard lights stay on or do they shut themselves off when you get out and lock the door?

The oil light and seatbelts light remain on. All electronic functions except the radio and clock remain on

On some cars the lights stay on for like 30 seconds after the ignition is off . But if they are on all the time even when the light switch is fully off , something is wrong, that is NOT normal. That happens sometimes due to somebody wiring some accessory to the nearest hot wire, which might be the dash lights wire.