Lifting driver's seat in a 2012 Ford Mustang

I have a 2012 Mustang and I’m 5’2” and shrinking. I have to sit on a telephone book in order to see over the hood. The height of the seat cannot be cranked up any higher. Is there some way to lift the seat about an inch?

You car has a rather high dashboard making it difficult to see over. If you have power seats, they raise higher than the manual ones but would be hard to retro-fit.

The drivers seat is attached with 4 bolts. Blocks could be installed under the rear 2 mounting bolts to raise the seat as long as longer bolts were installed. The front bolts are horizontal, so blocks there wouldn’t make any difference.

You would need to visit an auto shop that specializes in modified or custom cars. They will need to fabricate the blocks but it is an easy job.

You might consider a little upholstery work as well. Additional foam can be installed onto the seat bottom to stiffen up the seat and raise you up a bit as well. Good Luck!

Thank you so much for this information.

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try looking around for seat cushions. like this one, it is 2 inches thick. You could use two of them.

This is a not uncommon problem, there should be lots of solutions out there.

Yeah, I’m short too so one thing I insist on is power seats. I agree the best way is to simply add spacers/blocks under the frame where it bolts to the floor if all you need is an inch. Probably left to a pro though especially if the front mounts are an issue as Mustang talked about.

The extreme forces an accident can place on a person makes me think that setting on cushions is not a good idea. A body shop should be able to raise the seat and at the same time do it with proper bolts and blocks.

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Problem with blocks under the seat mounts is that a tall person now cannot drive the car, at least not with any comfort. Depends on the roof height of course.

And when you sell the car, you would have to remove the blocks.

The way I see it, it’s Elinor’s car.

She’s the one having problems with HER car. So her problem should be addressed first.

If it’s uncomfortable for a taller driver to drive the car? TOUGH!

And as far as removing the blocks?

It’s not rocket science.



Are you sure you are shrinking? A relative of my first wife had been to a lecture on aging and one thing that was mentioned is that people shrink as they age. As this relative was driving home, he realized that he was having trouble seeing over the dashboard. He thought “My gosh, I am only 45 and it’s happening to me already”. He then discovered that the floor board had given way on his old Studebaker and the seat was almost dragging on the pavement.


Thanks, I got a chuckle from your response. Reminded me of a lady who I used to work with went to leave and the car wouldn’t move. So she got out and noticed that the whole floor of the car was sitting on the ground!

I agree, just wanted to bring up those points.

She was only talking raising it an inch, so if a tall person happens to have a problem, maybe just get a haircut.