Driver-side seat is too low and has no adjustments :(

Hey folks, the driver-side seat in my Scion xA is too small/low and I have to scoot it far away from the steering wheel to give my legs more room. As a result, I drive with my arms fully extended to reach the steering wheel and it gets pretty uncomfortable after 15-20 minutes.

My ideas so far to fix this have been

1.)Bolt a heavy steel square tube, such as seen at to where the seat bolts to the floor and bolt the seat to that.

2.)Get some kind of cushion to sit on, but I don’t like this idea - the cushion will constantly move and eventually flatten out.

3.)Replace the seat. I haven’t been able to find any such things for my car. I probably don’t know where to look, though.

Does anyone here have an idea on how to solve this? I’d also request people’s opinions regarding my ideas. I’m not sure about any safety issues or insurance issues I might face. Thanks!

I think you need to find a vehicle that fits you. The modifications you suggest will void and nullify the warranty, and any safety ratings, for your xA, so what’s the point?

Find a vehicle that suits your needs, as is, then buy or lease that vehicle. DO NOT try to modify a vehicle to suit your needs. It’s s losing proposition.

Have you actually tried putting some cushioning on the seat to see if it puts you in a more comfortable position? It sounds like you have either exceptionally short arms, or exceptionally long legs, for your height. Normally the complaint is that the driver can’t reach the pedals (for which they can buy extenders). Anyway, if boosting your butt helps, I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding a cushion sold to help those shrinking little old ladies who can barely see over the wheel. They should strap down nice and tight so they won’t shift around. Add straps if you need to. If it eventually flattens out, well, you’ll have to get another.

I wouldn’t try the metal tube boost or a different car’s seat, at least until you’re out of warranty. Those two “fixes” might raise questions if you’re ever in an accident, especially if the seat is shown to have broken loose.

Two other things: have you talked to the dealer, to see if they have any ideas? Maybe they’ll let you sit in another xA just to check if you have the same problem there. If not, maybe the seat is defective. And, when you say your arms are “fully extended”, do you mean rigidly straight? If your elbows are slightly bent, you’re in the correct position. Too many people position themselves almost on top of the wheel, which means death if the airbag ever goes off.

Try the company called Back Saver for a car seat…I’ve had one for over 5 years and it hasn’t flattened or does it shift.

If it’s that bad, get a new car. Buy one with a power seat that has height adjustment.

I’ll look into a seat cushion and avoid the modifications I had in mind - thanks for your advice, everyone.