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Short people need booster pillow for passenger seat

I just bought a 2011 mustang. The passenger seat is very low. Does anyone make a pillow for autos that can be used for short adults? We can’t see out of the car when we sit on the passenger side.

Did you test drive (ride) the car before you bought it? Check you local auto parts stores.

It’s perfect for the driver. I didn’t think about the passenger until I had one.

We use a kitchen chair pillow like you find at the Target and WalMart.

I wonder if adding height to a passenger seat might cause problems with the air bag system?

It’ll probably bring them up to specs, much like a child’s booster seat. It did CORRECT the mis-fitting belt for my short driver.

I’ve seen a lot of senior citizens that drive Buicks (and other large vehicles) that need a pillow or two. They look like they are hanging off the top of the steering wheel most of the time. I’ve been in almost every state and I have seen them in traffic everywhere.

You might find one cheaply if you visit an upholsterer. It doesn’t seem to be a likely idea, but they can be friendly too. If you’re in Lompoc, I know a place.

I’ll try that thanks