Clutch solutions for short women

Help! I am 4’11" and I was given a manual '98 Ford Mustang convertible. My problem is that I have to slouch my body forward to get the clutch all the way down. Then, I have to readjust to drive properly. Problem is my legs are too short.

I have pushed the seat all the way forward and all the way up (to where my knees are literally touching the steering column).

What can I do? Are there clutch extensions on the market?

There are spacers made to raise the pedals for the altitude challenged. I have driven cars with them but never knew where they came from. I wonder what to google to find them.

You’ve come to the right place.
Tom & Ray’s crew know when to stop joking around and get down to business. There’s a lot of good info in here.

1> Top of this page, select ‘Actual Car Informaton’.
2> scroll down to, and click on ‘Special Needs Zone’.
3> scroll down and click on ‘Questions & answers ; short, tall and large drivers’.
4> scroll down to see links to companies who specialize in products just for people like you :slight_smile:
( I see 6, keep in mind It needs to be safer than a wood block and duct tape )


In addition to Ken’s excellent suggestions, you probably have at least one shop near you that specializes in car modifications for physically impaired drivers. We have a friend with a right leg prosthesis well above the knee. She has a gas pedal extension that allows her to drive with her left foot for gas and braking. A similar shop may have a device for you.

Just thought of something else for which I have not yet searched.

Is there a replacement pedal mechanism which pivots on a different axis allowing less pedal travel for same cable action ?

Perhaps in racing parts, a " short throw", “quick shift”, or similar ?

Before spending more than 'duct tape and a wood block" consider selling and buying an automatic equipped car.

Good idea.
The car was given to her. And unless it holds sentimental value, such as from an inheritance, it can now be considered a live asset to be used to end up with something she likes better and can actually operate safely.

Ford has optional adjustable pedals for some models. For some of them it is possible to retrofit. I don’t know if Mustangs were available with them in '98 or if it is possible to retrofit. If I had this problem, I would be going to a Mustang board and asking.