Lexus sedans: ES, GS, IS, LS

I’m trying to find a detailed description of the differences between these types of Lexus sedans for 2019 and 2020. I’ve looked online, including on the Lexus website, but I can’t find details about how they differ in terms of specs, dimensions, etc. Can anyone help? Thank you!

Look on,, or review from Car and Driver. There are a number of sites with this data. I am sure Lexus has this as well, you just missed it.

Look up each one on wikipedia, lots of information there (but not in comparison form).

Thanks, SteveCBT. I saw a less detailed version of this chart, but I didn’t see this more comprehensive one.

Thanks, Mustangman and texases. Will try KBB and Wikipedia.

You will bet the info you want, but it’s tedious work. I think you need to record the data and create your own lists for comparing 2019 to 2020 models. It is likely that most of the 2019 and 2020 cars are the same generation, and most of the data you seek will be the same.

In rough comparison to BMW, IS=3 series, GS=5, LS=7. No ES equivalent.

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The GS and ES are similar in size, but basically the GS is a sport luxury sedan whereas the ES is just a luxury sedan.

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Thank you, everyone!

Thanks, wolyrobb!

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