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What's similar to Lexus IS 250?

I have a 2007 Lexus IS 250 and even before all the gas pedal ado, I never really loved it. I always wondered “what should I have gotten instead?” What would be a good swap for my IS (new or preowned, probably pre-owned cuz I’d like to stay just within the “luxury” realm.) For anyone out there who likes to think about such things. Thanks!!

BMW 328 or 128 would be a good replacement. The 3 series was Lexus’ target to begin with, they didn’t quite hit the mark.

Thank you! I new there would people out there who knew this sort of thing! Hope to get more ideas as well.

Infiniti G35

IMHO that’s impossible for us to answer. Liking or not liking a car is a very subjective thing. And there are loads of similar sized luxury and near-luxury vehicles.

Pick up a Consumer Reports Buyers’ Guide at the bookstore. Pick some that look interesting to you and start seeking them out and test driving. You may even find that you like some brand new non-luxury vehicle will be better than your 2007 luxury vehicle. Keep an open mind.

Is it the IS or the ES model that’s basically a rebadged upscale Camry?
Hyundai Azera or Genesis(sedan, not coupe), Mercury Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car, Acura RL or TL, Buick LaCross or Lucerne

It’s next to imposible to answer your question; we can only suggest cars with similar handling characteristics.

As others point out, the 3 Series BMW is the comparison mark for handling (on dry pavement), and in the hands of a competent driver, but since it is a rear drive car it’s prety awful on snow and ice.

The best handling Japanese car is probably the Infiniti; it comes the closest to the BMW.

I make it a policy NEVER to recommend a car to anyone just because “they don’t love or like” their present vehicle. You may not love your next car either. Your Lexus is the most reliable car money can buy, so anything else will be less so and in case of the BMW or any Mercedes, less reliable and much more expensive to operate.

My advice would be to test drive some of the cars recommended, and make a decision based on your own personal observations.

If you told us specifically what you don’t like about your present car, we might be more helpful.

I think it’s the ES, but I’m not positive. I think the IS is a sportier version using the same basic platform.

The ES is fwd, based on the Camry, the IS is rwd, not related to any Toyota in the US. It’s a completely different chassis than the Camry/ES.

Thank you everyone. I know it is a subjective thing, but the ideas for a similar “type” of car are helpful, now I can zero in on a BMW 328 and see how I like it. And the reminder that my Lexus is very good regardless of little things that bug me will help me make a decision to either change or feel sure that I am glad I have the Lexus. Thanks again.

The best handling cars IMO are mostly RWD, but, you may try out an Acura TL AWD, 300hp with SH-AWD. The SH is for super handling. That’s got to be magic…like Ford Super Duty, Super Size meals…all the ultimate when compared to anyone else.
Otherwise there are some really good AWD sedans out here that could give the better a run for their money…Legacy sedan 6cyl for one. Legacy is kind of a luxury sounding name.
Another try out is a Caddy which has good reviews in their rwd models.

The smallest Cadillac is the CTS. It’s sized between the BMW 3-series and 5-series. It handles very well and is quite comfortable. There are a lot of sharp lines on the body. Some people like the design, and some don’t. I like it, but it’s your car. You can buy a 2008 with direct injection from a dealer for about $30,500 ($29,800 without DI). A comparable BMW 328i would be about $1000 more than the base CTS; the 330i would compare to the CDT DI and cost about $4000 more.

Lexus has a good reputation, what is it you do not like?