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Difference in size & price between Luxes XR, BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE 350?

What’s the differences in terms of size and price between Luxes XR, BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE 350?

From what I’ve gathered these cars are similar to some extent. However I’m not sure GLE 350 is the equivalent of XR and X5 in terms of size? If not, what Mercedes car is? Also what are the prices of these 3 cars for the 2020 models?

I’m trying to do research and gather info but I’m not very knowledge about cars.

Great question. Now since you are on the internet, I’d start with the manufacturers web site looking at specs, features, and options. Since I’m not interested in any of those, I won’t be doing the comparison for you.


Assuming you meant Lexus, the primary difference is MB and BMWs ( along with the Euro-Luxury cars) should be traded in at the end of the bumper to bumper warranty. The Lexus can be kept longer.


As Mr. Public wrote each of those have web sites with all of the info you want. I am not going to do your research unless you pay me and I don’t work cheap.
Or as a last resort you could actually leave the house and go look at the vehicles in person.

All 3 are roughly the same size but pricing can vary depending on which trim level you’re looking at.