Looking to buy a used car luxury 4 door sedan

Should I buy a 2008 Lexus ES350? I’m concerned about the accelerator issue. How would this compare to Mercedes Benz E350 also 2008? Or are there other models you would suggest? I’ve got a Honda Accord 2002 with 115,000 that I’m gifting.

If I were worried, I’d include an Acura or BMW 3 Series. If you buy a Lexus from a dealer that is involved in a recall, I would expect it to be cheaper and serviced for the recall. Did you like your Honda ? What’s wrong with another, Ex model ?

I haven’t test driven the Acura or BMW yet. I’ve heard the Beemer needs a lot of maintenance. I test drove the Lexus and liked it but in the back of my mind I’m concerned about the accelerator pedal being more than just a software overide. I test drove a new Honda drove exactly like my present Honda. I wanted to step up a grade with something a little more luxurious.

I like the MB E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6/8. Nice cars, but expensive to buy and maintain. Lexus is a good choice as is the Infiniti G series.


The E350 will cost about $7000 more to buy and about 60% more to repair and maintain over the next 5 years. A BMW 528i will cost about $3000 more to buy, but will still cost about 60% more to repair and maintain. A Cadillac CTS will be about $3000 less to buy and about 20% more to repair and maintain. The cost relationship is good due to the lower purchase cost. An Infiniti G35 will cost about as much as the Lexus but will cost about 80% of the Lexus to repair and maintain.

I’d look at the ES350, G35, and CTS. Forget the Benz and BMW. They will cost more than any of the other 3 from purchase to the time you sell them.

Lots of the the Toyota recall stuff is hype because people thought Toyotas were infallible. A Lexus will be much cheaper to maintain than the Mercedes.

Hyundai Azera or Genesis. You’d be surprised

I would avoid BMW unless you have a fat wallet, as my ownership experience with an X3 was jaded by ridiculous repair costs. I agree with “twotone” the Infinity would be a great was to go, however, Honda is bulletproof, albeit generic and boring. Do you need to impress others? If so, you can’t go with Honda or Hyundai. If that isn’t your concern, they certainly are well backed by reputation and the factory warranty. The Lexus is pricey but has the “look at me” appeal somewhat. I personally think they are boring to look at. Toyota will fix any issues I’m sure though. MB are overrated and expensive to repair. Infinity is my call.

A Caddy CTS is a nice choice. Many supposed luxury cars are almost invisible in traffic. Acuras are especially deficient; they just don’t look rich. From a distance, they look like Hondas. The Koreans and some others don’t have the cachet of a long history such as Cadillac having been around since 1903.

Some of the oriental luxury car brands are recently attempting to make their styling a little less bland. They have the mechanicals right and are attempting to some day project the ambience of wealth too. In my mind, Cadillac, Mercedes and big BMWs have the old money wealth feeling with Lexus following them.

PS, I’d like to add that the Lexus name is diluted by some models which are nothing more than a fancy Camry. Good car, no doubt but not true luxury.

Lincoln is currently floundering with their luxury image. Lincolns are currently glorified Fords.