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Lexus rx400 with low miles good buy?

We are looking for a SUV and got 2 current options: 2006 RX400H with 10k miles (own by a old lady in florida and have clean carfax and service records)
or 2008 RX 400H with 55k miles for almost same price, which is the better option?

Of the two I’d definitely go for the newer one. Lack of use is bad for the hybrid’s batteries.

How Much Newer ? When I Buy Cars I Look At The Date Of Manufacture (Freshness Date).
These 2 vehicles could be anywhere from 12 months to 2 years apart in age. One car is already 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 years old and the other 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 years old.
How about warranty coverage ? Is there any on these cars ? How about the Hybrid battery ?

Are you going to keep it forever or is resale important ?
Is one driven in salt and one not ?

Are they both the same body style ? Is one model-year history more/less problematic than the other ? Research this. Check TSBs.

They don’t sell Lexus cars within a couple hundred miles of here, so I’m not familiar. Any used car is a gamble. I’d put more stock in well documented maintenance records than in Car Fax. Buy one that has not been in collision.

The newer one here too. The car is good for more then 100 k more…even at 55k. At that time the difference in mileage will not be as significant and age will be a bigger factor trade in time.

How often was the oil changed on the 2006? It should have been changed at least once per year. If not, I would not want it.

Oil was changed almost every year on 2006 and all the recalls are already done. Mileage was so low and it was tempting but after reading all forums looks like such low mileage may be more negative than positive.

I am checking other forums and look like hybrid can have more issues like battery, inverter as compare to normal SUV and mileage is not that different so may be we can get newer rx350 for same price.

I’d go with the RX350, you’re right to be cautious about a used hybrid (and I have one). Several months of low use could cause problems.