Need your advice! What is my best option

A new rav4 or a used Lexus NX around 30K miles? Which one do you think is the best purchase? Thanks

I vote for buy new. Why buy someone else’s headache?


How well do you sleep when you don’t have a new vehicle warranty ?

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Hi Sarad;
That all depends on what’s important to you.

Is it the perceived status of driving a Lexus?
Or Is it the reliability of a new car? Or having a good new car warranty?
Is it cost, or ride quality?

Both are decent vehicles. I prefer going new when possible.

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It sounds like you do not have a strong preference for one vs. the other. If so, the new one with the new warranty will be better than the one that somebody chose to discard at 30K miles, for who knows why.


New always.

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Honestly I’m NOT a big fan of driving kind of luxury cars like Lexus and also I don’t like the new rav4 so much especially I heard it had some recalls so far. For some reason these are my only options and don’t know what to choose…

Of all the really nice new vehicles on the market and these are your only options ? You really need to surf every manufacture web site you can find just to see what else there is .

Recalls ? That can happen to any and all brands .

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It seems to me that you have answered your own question. You like driving sort of luxury cars and you don’t like the new RAV4 much. Why these are your only two choices? Is someone else buying the car for you and these are the choices you are offered?

My bad! I edited my post. I’m NOT a big fan of driving luxury cars…

So why are you even looking at a Lexus ? Good Greif , why make things difficult.

Your least expensive option is is the used Lexus. In contrast to many posters, I nearly always recommend 2-4 year old used cars as they cost less and depreciate less over the time you own it. The bigest depreciation - drop in value - happens in the first three. years.


So, you don’t like either car, you won’t tell us why these are your only two choices and you are looking for us to help you make the choice.

Can’t do it.

Thank you!

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I need to get something from Toyota (which is my favorite brand for many reasons) and it should be SUV. Based on our budget and family preferences rav4 and lexus are our top choices.

I give up . I don’t even know why Sarad is even asking for help with those limitations .

I would choose the NX300 (or is it a NX200t ?) over a Rav4 for the comfort, trim quality and the more powerful turbocharged engine.

I am not on a budget, these vehicles are $25,000 to $35,000, if I were restricted to a budget I look for a $10,000 vehicle.

The Lexus may have a remaining warranty, these vehicles come with a 4 year/50,000 basic warranty and a 6 year/70,000 powertrain warranty.

If you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from a Lexus dealer there is a 7 year/100,000 warranty available but most people on this message board believe that a warranty is unnecessary, on the other hand you should always buy new to get that warranty. Does this advice make any sense?


Thank you, Nevada! Great advice!

What about a used Highlander? If you would consider a used Lexus, why not a used Toyota? An off lease Highlander could be a good alternative for you. I wouldn’t buy a vehicle if I didn’t like it just because it had a name I like on it.

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Highlanders are very good vehicles, but they are considerably larger than a Rav or an NX300.
Only the OP knows whether a vehicle that large would be appropriate for his/her needs.