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Expected lifespan for 2011 Lexus RX 450h

I have a 2011 Lexus Rx450h. How long can and how many miles should expect from the hybrid drive system and battery? I currently have 103,000 miles and it runs like new.

Impossible to answer for many, many reasons. Just enjoy it until it needs service.

There are several first generation Priuses with well over 200K, and still on the original battery pack

Of all the hybrid technologies out there, I believe Toyota has the most reliable and longest-lasting

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It should last at least another week. Possibly longer. :slightly_smiling_face:

But seriously… this is not a question anyone on the internet can reasonably answer.

My guess is that you’re good for at least another 50,000 miles and probably quite a bit more. Why do you ask?

Lexus is the most reliable and longest lasting luxury car. Consumer Reports had an article on long life of cars a few years back. A couple had a Lexus 400 sedan with over 400,00 miles on it. Original owners, well maintained.
The Rx models are not quite as reliable but light years better that any corresponding Mercedes, Jaguar or Land Rover models.

At 103,000 miles you are about at the 1/3 mark of its life, provided you have owned the car since new and maintained it by the book.

Maintenance is key. At this point, I’d want to make sure all fluids have been changed, even those Toyota considers ‘lifetime’ fluids.

ANY car lasts as long as the owner can continue to put money into repair and maintenance of the vehicle. Once a point is hit where they no longer want to shell more money out it is either sold to another owner or junked.

Some people the limit is $500 others thousands upon thousands of dollars.While Lexus is a good bet there is no real way of knowing the future. The cost of repairing hybrid related systems I predict will be your tipping point.