Opinions about 2005 Lexus RX 400h

What is your opinion of used Lexus RX400 SUV hybrids, and used Lexus RX300 series SUVs

They are exceptionally reliable vehicles, but–like all older, used vehicles–their ultimate reliability depends to a huge extent on how well they were maintained. Personally, I would not even consider buying a 13 year-old vehicle unless it came with hard copies of its maintenance record that I could compare to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

In any event, you need to have any used vehicle that is a finalist in your search inspected by your mechanic, prior to purchase.


They are both great cars but take VDCdriver advice and get them inspected.

I wouldn’t buy a 13-year old hybrid of any type. Too much $$ for battery failure.

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My opinion is I would never buy a used hybrid and that includes used old luxury vehicles. I don’t need high repair bills.

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