Lexus radio repair

I last thanked everyone for their help getting a warranty repair on my 06 suv. It has taken me two years to get it fixed. Lexus had it in one of their dealer shops for several days and in the end declared that the case was closed and that the "the radio was playing as designed,"which was not at all. In the end I contacted ask an expert at Car Talk. In short order the defect was identified as a defective coaxial cable connecting the antenna to the tuner. My local (and excellent) Toyota dealer shop, K.C. Summers of Mattoon Illinois ordered a Lexus coaxial cable, undid one of the inner fenders and fixed the problem. Lexus finally paid for the repair, although they did mildly discount the bill. All along Lexus had maintained that only a Lexus shop could deal with the problem and a Toyota mechanic would just not do. Funny, the repair bill check came from Toyota. Thanks again to all who helped and especially to Cardoctor 74.