2002 Lexus ES300 Electrical Problem!

Since January 2010 my car has been towed to the dealership 3 times due to dead battery - which is a new Lexus battery. The most recent trip to Lexus dealership had my car for 2 weeks trying to diagnos an electrical problem. Of course, the car started just fine every day at the dealership. I have had my car back for 2 weeks now, and today my battery is dead. 2 days ago my radio was turned off; however, the Lexus splash screen came on by itself then the entire screen went black - this happened 3 more time w/i 4 hours of driving. I have had intermittent problems with the radio and suggest the tech look at that, but he found no issues. Anybody having similar problems?

If your area has an automotive electronics speciality repair shop, they would be the service which may repair this the best. Check Yellow Pages.

You also might try another Lexus dealer, or a Toyota dealer (it’s very similar to a Camry, but they may not want to work on it for this type of problem).

You should also post your question on a Lexus owners’ club forum, maybe somebody there has experience with it.

I was just about to buy one in Daytona that was SWEET. Had a deposit on it and everything but they called back to tell me that the deal was off and they were sending to auction. I had to know why! He said electical issues were found which I assume to be similar to yours. I havent read a bad review about this car yet and have seen ones selling for 7-8K with 230,000 miles on them. Ill keep looking for more posts with these mysterious “electrical issues”.