2005 Lexus RX 300

I have a problem with the radio (AM/FM)- I get NO sound! The display shows the station and all the other info. I can change stations and the display works fine, but no sound. The CD works fine, as does the cassette, there is sound. I don’t think a fuse is involved, as everything works but the sound on the radio! Anyone got an idea?

I doubt that it is a sound problem. The sound output seems to work. The CD and cassette are part of the same system, correct? That indicates the problem is internal to the sound system. You might have someone try to repair it, but it is probably less expensive to just replace it. Find out what a replacement unit costs and decide if you want to explore repair after that.

Thanks for the prompt reply! It is all one system. I talked to the dealership service department and they basically said the same thing. Replace it, for about $1500. I could probably get it done cheaper at BestBuy or some other place. Thanks again.

Look on line for a used Lexus radio. You should find one for much less. You can take it to a car stereo store for installation.