96 Lexus LS400 Nakamichi radio comes on intermittently

When driving the radio will occasionally suddenly come on very low and then volume will build. When the car stops and
the ignition turned off the radio will not restart when when the engine is restarted. There are times the radio will
not come on for weeks. HELP

Your vehicle has a very complicated audio system.

Looking at the schematic, the audio amplifier, which is seperate component, would appear to be the problem.


It’s probably caused by a dirty/oxidized electrical contact in some connector somewhere. Unless you luck out and find somebody here on Car Talk site who has Lexus audio expertise, or you have an electrical engineer neighbor who doesn’t mind spending 3 or 4 hours gathering the schematics and helping you out by tracing the circuits, you’ll probably have to ask a dealer or Lexus audio specialist to help with this. Probably better to just live w/it, when the radio comes on by itself, you can turn it off again, right? That’s what I’d do anyway. Of course that’s why most of the stuff I have doesn’t work 100% like is supposed to!