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Roof Rack Rattles

My 2004 Lexus RX330 Roof Rack rattles at highway speeds. When it was still under warranty, the dealer made a stab at fixing the rattle, but to no avail. Any ideas, short of removing the racks?

When did the dealer try to fix it? How many times did they try? Do you have documentation?

Check out one of these links and find out if it may come under the lemon law for a free repair.

Have you removed the crossbars?

The dealer attempted the fix way back in 2005 or so. There was a TSB from Lexus for the issue, which I pointed out to them. It still rattled, but they said they couldnt do anything other than whatever they had done. Not the kind of service I would have expected from Lexus. This and a big issue with the transmission (fixed after a dozen visites) caused me to decide this would be my last Lexus. No documentation, though, on my part.