2002 Lexus ES300 Door won't open w/o unlocking first (Drivers side)

most times I try and open the drivers door I have to use the unlock switch to open it. There are times when it opens w/o having to do so. Anyone encounter this its and have a remedy?

Did you read the owners manual??? On Toyotas and Lexus vehicles you click the fob button once to unlock the drivers door. Click it twice within a couple seconds to unlock ALL the doors. It’s clearly spelled out in owners manual.


Snarky responses aren’t necessary. Wouldn’t you assume that wasn’t the case and say “Hey try this and see if it helps”…

Whats clearly spelled out is that you aren’t a nice community member.

By the way, cause I didn’t say so…this was from inside the car I am having the issue not outside

I’ll assume you used to not have this problem, so it’s likely that the power door lock and unlock mechanism is slowly wearing out. That does happen on older Lexus (maybe Toyotas, too, same part). I had a 2005 is300 that started to be balky about unlocking. With a google search I found a very good photo thread of how to replace the actuator, and it solved the problem, but it’s not an easy job and probably not a good one for an occasional fixer. The part can cost $150 and there’s a lot of labor involved.

No. What’s clearly spelled out is you left out EXTREMELY IMPORTANT information to help you.

Thanks Snarky Mike! Now back to shining your tool box…

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When you have to use the unlock switch, is there any indication given to the driver the door is actually locked? Or isn’t there a display for the door lock/unlock status? One idea, when this happens ask someone to try to open the door from the outside.

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“Did you read the owners manual???”

There is nothing in the owners manual about a failing door latch or the use of a fob to exit the vehicle.

The auto defeat of the door lock is mechanical inside the door latch. If the door doesn’t unlock when the inside door handle is pulled there is a problem inside the door latch. Normally when there is a problem with the door latch or electric actuator the latch is replaced. You might remove and examine the door latch, sometimes I find broken glass inside the latch from a shattered door glass.

There is nothing in the owners manual about a failing door latch or the use of a fob to exit the vehicle

That info wasn’t there at first. Had to pry it out of him.

I just replaced my 1st lock mechanism last week. Our family has never had a broken power door lock assy.

Same here. And it was a test of my patience in an is300, because the door is pretty thin and there’s no room for tools and fingers. I had to take the door handle off so I could get to the connectors.

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Besides, you never answered the question: have you read the owner’s manual?
You could also stop by the dealer and ask for the “initialization procedure” for the locking function of the Body Control Module. But if you talk to him the same way you talked to Mike, who was trying to help you, expect him to tell you to go to Hell. I would.

The door latches and lock actuators can’t be revived via an Initialization procedure.

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