Keyless entry

I own a 2003 kis optima,i have electric door locks that are not working correctly,after many hours i am about to pull my hair out,HELP PLEASE,myremote only opens the drivers door,the other three doors stayed locked and have to be opened manaually,any one out there have a quick fix for me?

Probably not quick, but it may help to know that all the wiring passes through the driver’s door. You may have a broken wire inside that door. Or the remote receiver system may have failed. Unless you are comfortable with auto electrics this may be best referred to an auto electric specialist. It will help a lot if he has a circuit diagram.

did the remote open all before?

if it DID, and now doesn’t, look in the manual. they are usually programmable to open either one or all doors.

BTW, have you replaced the remote battery lately?

or had the cars battery replaced?

You may have a broken wire inside that door.

Or more likely where the wires enter the door on the hinge side.

On my mother-in-law’s Oldsmobile, the first button press opened only the driver’s door. It took a second press to open the other doors. On my Subaru, a brief press opens only the driver’s door. I need to hold the button down for at least one second to open the other doors, too. If your remote has never opened all the doors, it would be worth reading your owner’s manual to see if it is just a matter of reprogramming or owner education.