Five Recurring Beeps



Hi from the Cape = I have a 2000 Lincoln Continental. For the past few weeks I get five beeps, repeating five times when I turn on the car. Then, every 30 minutes (like an alarm clock!) the rotation happens again. Can’t find an answer in the owner’s guide, can’t afford a pricey diagnostic test. This drives my daughter crazy, I just block it out, but is it a real warning of something? The owner’s guide just talks about initial beeps telling you to put the seat belt on, but we’ve tried all combos of that, and nothing works. Could it be cold weather related? (I only say that because in any extremely hot weather the Air Bag light stays on. Thanks for your help


The beeps indicate that there is a problem with the air bag system and the light is not functional. Perhaps in the summer the light worked and now it is no longer working. Therefore, you hear the beeps. Check out your air bag system and light and that should solve your problem. Good luck.


Definitely air bag system. I had the same problem on a Crown Victoria I was test driving last week for one of my police contracts. 5 beeps-pause-5 beeps pause, did this pattern 5 times then started again about 30 minutes later. You are going to need to find someone with a high end scanner that can read air bag codes. Let us know what you find out.



thanks - the car is going in for a new battery today or tomorrow, so maybe he has the scanner -


Or, replace the SRS light bulb and then count out the code the flashes on the bulb to determine what the fault is.