Lexus Display panel problem

I have a 460. Recently the tire warning came on and let me know all four tires were flat. Naturally, they weren’t. So, I took it to a tire shop and they checked the pressure. The tire warning light went away. BUT, so did the display panel. the dealership replaced the failed panel. Has anyone else had such a problem on the 2009 model? Is it possible that it will fail again? I’m puzzled - the dealership says they have never before seen this. So, have any of you? any thoughts about the casue?

The LS460 is a low volume seller, so chances are slim anybody here is going to have a 2009 that has had the same problem. Could it happen again? Of course, but all four wheels might simultaneously fall off as well, although it is unlikely. A problem like a failed display in a brand new car is likely caused by a faulty display installed at the factory. The next time the display fails, it will be 20 years from now when some college kid buys the car for $1000.

Thanks for the input.