2009 Audi A4 - Display gone dark

Display panel for radio, temperature, clock, tire pressure, etc has lost its lighting. Usually too dark to read, but somewhat intermittent. How do I fix it or what all needs to be replaced?

Are you doing the work yourself? Do you have a factory service manual?

Depends on what’s wrong… my crystal ball can’t diagnose a car over the internet, sorry.


I saw a recent show about getting an Audi TT in shape to sell. One step was replacing the central LED panel on the instrument panel. They found a car electrics/electronics shop that knew how to do it, required removing and disassembling the instrument panel, then unsoldering the connection.

Before doing that I’d make sure it’s not the dash dimmer adjustment or the fuse that powers the dash.

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Good ideas above. I seem to recall this issue discussed here before. You can search past posts in these forums using the search icon, upper right hand corner of this page. Use Google to check for U-tube vdos about this problem as well. If the panel lighting is adjusted using a thumbwheel you might get lucky and all that’s needed is to replace or clean that part. Even better, it’s just a fuse. You’ll likely need an Audi/VW electrical system to repair this if the problem is beyond the above.

Here’s info on a similar problem

Note you can’t just swap out instrument panels, they’re coded to the car.

The radio display unit is $460.

That is for the message center located in the instrument cluster.

You’re right. I’d post this on some Audi forums.