Panel flashes randomly

I have 05 Jeep Cherokee; just about to hit 50K; get oil changed; drive conservatively, etc.

Starting in February, the dashboard panel started flickering and then it seems like the car turned off, but I was still able to drive. This happened quite a few times and after the check engine light came on. I made an appointment with the dealer. The check engine light did not come back on, so the dealer could not see any problem.

Things were fine with the car until last week. It started to do this again. Lights flash and then it seems the car goes dead (but still drives fine). And now, if I hit a bump, my left car speaker goes out. It will turn back on if I hit the top of the dash board. Is this just a short? or should I be more concerned? Why can’t Jeep figure it out? Do I need to get it checked out again? By whom? Dealer or local mechanic?

Thanks in advance!

I have a similar problem with a 99 wrangler… I’ve pulled the whole panel out (its one combined unit) but could not find a short. I’ve had the problem for over 100,000 miles. It tends to be worse in the winter before the car warms up or in the summer when the A/C is running a lot, or in the spring or fall when the weather is cool. In other words, temp seems to effect it.

No one has ever figured out for sure what it is, but a good thump on the top right front corner of the panel with the heel of my palm fixes every time.

In my case, the whole panel doesn’t usually die, just the two main gauges (speedo and tach) and the airbag light comes on. Replacing the panel would cost over $1000, and might not even be the problem, so I just live with it. I’d love a fix if anyone has a clue.