Lexus Antenna

How can i change a antenna mast on Lexus RX 300

What have you tried? Doesnt it just unscrew?

The plastic cable inside is broken i will try to replace it

If its an electric retractable antenna…which you did not mention. Then you need to unscrew the collar at the bottom of the antenna and have someone turn the radio on for you…it will try to rise up…when it does you can help it up and out of the hole. PAY ATTENTION TO WHICH SIDE THE TEETH ARE ON…when you remove the old antenna. Buy the new antenna…and you will see the white toothed plastic “innards” of the antenna… You then feed that plastic toothed insert into the antenna hole (with the teeth on the correct side) and have your assistant turn off the radio…the power antenna motor will then try to pull in (coil up) the new plastic insert…and subsequently the new antenna…at that point the new antenna is now retracted and in its home position…then tighten the collar.


Great thank you for your help