96 lexus es300 antenna repair

I need to replace the radio antenna on my wife’s 96 ES300 Lexus. The motor runs briefly - with the gear-stripping sound - when we turn the radio on, but the mast remains about half extended

Since the mast is half extended, I would go this route:

  1. purchase a replacement mast that fits over the stub of the present mast
  2. disconnect the motor that raises and lowers the antenna
  3. cut off the present mast leaving a stub long enough to attach the replacement mast.

You will have an antenna that is fixed in place, but the cost will be only a couple of dollars.

Thanks! Sounds like a quick and appropriate fix for a 13-yr-old car; now, if my wife (who wants to be able to do drive-thru washes) will agree…

It sounds like the ribbon chain for the antenna is stripped out.

Aquire a replacemnet antenna mast that’s for your vehicle. Remove the antenna mast mounting nut. Have someone turn the radio on so the mast tries to rise while at the same time pulling up on the mast to remove the antenna. Take the new antenna and insert the ribbon chain into the motor. Now have someone turn the radio off and feed the ribbon chain into the motor. Reinstall the antenna mast mounting nut.