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93 Camry faulty power antenna

I have a 1993 Toyota Camry. Last week my antenna went up once, and hasn’t come down since.

When I turned the radio off, I heard the “motor” working but the antenna did not retreat into the car. Since then I have turned on and off the radio, and each time I hear the motor running but the antenna stays put.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Scott

Your options are leave it or get a new antenna. The nylon line that retracts the antenna has broken. You can get another antenna at the dealer and try installing it yourself, or pay someone. Or just disconnect the power part and leave the antenna up.

I have a similar problem. My 90 Camry power antenna came out of the motor. The plastic teeth don’t appear damaged. Is it possible to ‘rethread’ it in somehow or do I need a new motor/antenna assembly? If new, is this something worth buying used and should I be able to handle the install myself? Thanks!