Replacement Antenna or Mast

We inherited a 1990 Buick Lesabre Custom and the antenna mast has broken off (about half of it’s length), it’s not a electric antenna. Does the antenna mast just unscrew?

Can I buy a replacement mast and if so where? If I need to buy a replacement antenna what do I need? Thanks!

If it’s not a retractable antenna, I think it’s a standard GM one that just screws off. You should be able to pick one up at most auto parts store.

Will a auto parts store have a mast that will screw on to replace my broken OEM mast or will I have to replace the whole antenna?

If the antenna mast does not unscrew, your parts store may have a universal replacement mast that fits over a broken stud. You just cut the stud down to about an inch or two and fit the replacement over it. It is held in place by a set screw or spring. Not quite as pretty, but it is functional.

If appearance is important you may have to replace the whole antenna. Not really hard to do. The worst part is fishing the cable back to the radio, but if you tape a string to the old cable when you pull it out, you should be able to use the string to pull the new cable back through.

Dealer antenna masts are not that expensive so compare prices. It should unscrew.