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Leveling Kit for new truck

I’m currently waiting for my new Ram 1500 4x4 to be delivered and I have been thinking about installing a leveling kit on it. I have read on some forums that some people experience a shutter in the front end when in 4wd after installilation. They attribute this to a slight angle on the cv joint and will cause premature wear. Can this really put a slight angle on the cv joint? It’s a 1 1/2" to 2" puck that goes at the top of the strut tower. Wouldn’t that just raise the body up and not have anything to do with the “mechanical” parts of the truck? I just think the trucks look better with the front end level with the back. However if it’s going to cause problems down the road… I don’t think I’ll bother. It’s around $75.00 for the “pucks”. But if I have to replace cv joint, it’s not worth it. Also I read that you can put a spcer on the cv joint and that will solve the problem?

Installing such a spacer will indeed increase the angle of your CV joints, which could lead to increased wear (body lifts do not change suspension angles, but any type of suspension lift will). Those things are pretty tough, though, so it’s not like you would be replacing them all the time, maybe once over the lifetime of the truck. I trust also that you will not be using your 4WD all the time, either? Some people engage it every time there is a 30% chance of snow in the forecast, and that is not good for it. The 4WD system on these trucks are only to be used in very low traction situations, like fully snow covered roads and mud or sand, not light precipitation or on dry roads when you think it might start snowing.

As a side note, keep in mind that when you install these spacers, you will also need to get an alignment. Those things will throw off your camber, which in turn will throw off your toe. You may also have to buy a camber kit to correct that, but I don’t know how this truck is set up. The alignment shop will be able to tell you.

Thank you for the advice. LOL. No, I will not be in 4wd all the time. I live in TN now, but grew up in VT and drove in bad winter weather for 15 years. It’s all about knowing your vehicle and how to handle it in adverse conditions. Since I’ve been here I’ve engaged 4wd once, just to get up a steep hill in icy conditions. If it snows one flake here everything shuts down. Heck if the temp drops below 30 degrees they cancel school. Only time I would is at some boat ramps and getting to a hunting spot. I knew about the alingments. I’ll have to look into the camber issue, hadn’t heard about that.

I’ve heard the main issue is with the 2.5" kits and not much of an issue with the 1.5- 2" kits.

Modifying the suspension on a new vehicle can void the warranty on that new vehicle. Read about it here.


2" is a large change to your suspension. It does change the angles. I would not do it.

If you want a pickup to be level, just put enough weight in the back. It might handle better too.