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79 chevy 4x4 truck

i have a 79 chevy 4x4 truck i was going to lift the suspension with 3 inch blocks can u tell me if they will work on front without any problems

What will you do about the pittman arm? The brake flex lines won’t reach. And the drive shaft angles will cause the U-joints to fail even in normal driving and in hard mud driving they will leave you stranded quite often. I have dropped and scrapped a great many lift kits from 4x4s when the owners gave up on getting all the bugs worked out.

As mentioned by Rod Knox above, the drive shaft angle is a critical consideration. U-joints aren’t like CV joints, which can work well at extreme angles. U-joints have limited angle tolerance. Too extreme of an angle will cause u-joint failure and worse than that, vibrations. Recommend to know in advance how much the DS angle will change & if this will prove a problem.

Do yourself a big favor and leave it alone…

thanks guys i was thinking the samething

will a one inch lift be ok

Why do you need a lift?
Are you going off road?
Or do you you just want to look tough?
Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

I agree with the the majority here and will also advise you to leave the suspension alone. Years ago…I decided to add 12 inch shackles to my '57 Chevy Belair. I spent an entire Saturday morning installing them so I could have the car ready for my date that night.

When I pulled into the driveway…my girlfriend’s dad laughed at them and walked away. My girlfriend took one look at them and remarked “It’s silly.” I went home after the date and worked well into the early morning removing them.

I sold the shackles on Monday to a guy who didn’t have any more sense than I did when I bought them. Live and learn.

Oh are better off leaving well enough alone,you can buy pittman arms that allow for the different angle,but;(whynot just up the tire size one or two sizes and try that out?)-Kevin

I can onlt add my agreement to what everyone else has said. Rod and George have described my reasons perfectly. Missileman’s story was great also…and I thank you, missileman, for the laugh.