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CV joint or something else on my WRX

I have an 04 WRX, iv upgraded the suspension (1.5" - 1.75" drop front and back respectfully) and have a full set up of strut tower braces. Recently when accelerating from a stop i get a clicking noise from the passenger front wheel area, I hear it all the way through first, second, and most of third…the sound is probably present after that but my exhaust drowns it out.
My first choice of problem is that the CVs have gone, the car has 140k on it and i drive a lot of gravel back home, but i cant get under the vehicle till thanksgiving so I want to just have some ideas as to what problems i might want to check for.

Find an open parking lot and run tight circles, going all the way to the steering wheel lock. You’ll probably hear the clicking in one direction but not the other if it is one of the CV joint on a particular side’s half shaft.

If you end up replacing one of the half shaft, you might as well do both. The other can’t be that far off from going bad, unless of course you drive this car in NASCAR and only steer to the left.

Just a comment. You’ve done fine with 140K on the CV joints. Lowering or raising suspension puts the CV joints at a greater angle that they were at stock height, and that accelerates wear.