2022 Acura MDX review

I just returned from a visit to my daughter in Washington State. She recently leased a 2022 Acura MDX AWD SUV. I had an opportunity to spend a good amount of time with the vehicle, and I was impressed. Just opening and closing the door provided a feeling a solidity that approached that of a Mercedes S class. After starting the engine, the only way you could tell it was running was to look at the tach. the cabin was as quiet as a library and the suspension soaked up the typical suburban pavement irregularities nicely. The V6 engine had great low-end torque and got this large vehicle up to speed quickly. Handling was crisp, although the fastest we drove was 45 mph. Fit and finish of both interior and exterior were perfect. My daughter had gotten this vehicle with the “technology package” and though I don’t know what that provided, the infotainment and other technology features on the car were dazzling. Apple Carplay and Android Auto were both included and very full featured. I wouldn’t want to try and repair the electronics on one of these at the ten-year mark, that’s for sure. It seemed to be a very comfortable, competent vehicle. Worth the money? I don’t know, since I have no need of a 3 seat AWD SUV.

I’m on my 3rd Acura and hardly have had any issues. The only issue with our AWD RDX was the rear shocks that were replaced under warranty. I will say the ride is a little harsh compared to a Buick SUV or Toyota is all. I just had the tires rotated and told them to check the balance because I would get a little vibration at 80. So good road car.

I don’t care for suvs. I own them and don’t like them. Nothing about a suv impresses me.

The term SUV has undergone a change. Originally applied to vehicles like the original Jeep Wagoneer, Chevy Suburban, K5 Blazer, etc. Body on frame.
Car based “SUVs” previously were hatchbacks, example when I bought a 2005 Focus, purchased new. We bought the station wagon, but 2&4 door hatchbacks were available. The 4 door hatchback would now be a SUV.

I consider most of today’s SUVs to be the modern equivalent of a station wagon. If there were still abundant station wagons on the market, I might buy one of them, but because choices are very sparse, I buy small to medium size SUVs.

I only own one vehicle at a time, and I need one that can haul lots of stuff for my home & garden needs, hence an SUV.
I couldn’t carry the bulky & heavy stuff that I need with a sedan.

My next will be an SUV because I want the ability to carry large objects, the higher seat height, the room for 4 adults, and the extra headroom. Get a hybrid and there’s really not much of an mpg penalty. No more sedans for me.

There might not be an mpg penalty at all–depending on the model that one chooses.
If the stars align properly in regard to my health, I will be placing an order for a 2023 Lexus NX450h+. That plug-in hybrid is EPA rated at 84 mpg when using both its electric function and gas, and 36 mpg when operated only in gasoline mode. Most of my driving is w/in its 37 mile all-electric range, so–with any luck-- I can wind up with usual figures of better than 36 mpg.

In a Lexus-centric forum, one guy–who drives his 450h+ almost exclusively in electric mode–showed a pic of his dashboard readout indicating 175 mpg (equivalent).