Old low mileage vehicle vs new high mileage vehicle

I have an opportunity to purchase a 2003 Accura MDX with 123,000 miles in excellent shape OR a 1999 Lexus RX300 with 90,000 miles, also in excellent shape…both around the same cost…which is the better buy if I plan on holding on to it for 3-5 years?

The one you like better and has already had its timing belt replaced.

That would be the Accura…timing belt just replaced 3 months ago…

Which one do you like better?

If they did not replace the water pump and tensioners along with the timing belt then it’s possible you may have to go back in soon.
Either one could go the 3-5 year mark; it all depends on how they were driven and maintained up to this point.
All things equal, it boils down to which you just happen to like the most.

It’s a toss-up because both are good vehicles. I would take the Lexus, since it is less complicated , 2 wheel drive and a more pleasant vehicle to drive. Parts are no problem with either one. Bothe vehicles will last 400,000 miles with goog care, so you should have few worries.