Let me know if there is any intro category on the forum

Hi, I have just join the forum and looking for an intro category on the forum to introduce myself. Let me know if there is any intro category on this forum.

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We don’t…but it might not be a bad idea (@cdaquila). Regardless, welcome!

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Welcome, Helina

You can use the general discussion category to tell us about yourself and welcome aboard.

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In the preferenses you can set your profile on the ( About Me ) setting.

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Click General Discussion, above left. Then look right at the top of the list. Those first two links (About General Discussion and FAQ) may provide what you are looking for.

You found it. Welcome to the forum, and stop back often.

Thank you everyone for welcoming in the forum. I think it’s not a bad idea to put a separate category for new members to introduce himself.
Let me introduce myself a little bit here. Actually, I am a dog lover, and currently looking
for good sports car for small trips with my German Shepherd. Anyone here who can recommend me good car, which will be perfect for me and my four leg family member as well.

This is one of those you will just have to look at something and take the Dog with you to see how it acts in such a small space .

Give us some idea of what ‘sports cars’ you’re considering. Two seats and two doors = dog sits up front with a harness on, all cars would be pretty similar as far as that goes.

New or used?

Hi and welcome aboard!

Welcome to the forum.

I think the last time the intro thread was discussed was here. Blackbird had the biggest one. (“Your credentials, please”)

That said, if anyone feels like introducing themselves, nothing says they can’t.